Twistep Testimonials


Twistep® spares your dog's joints and saves your own back. Until I got a Twistep® I was lifting an 80 lb. 13 year old Weimeraner in and out of my Ford Explorer - he has a deformed front foot and knee surgery in the back leg, too. He is a typical neurotic Weim who would never use a ramp before and even has trouble with staircases - yet he popped right in and out with Twistep®. My 3 year old 70 lb. Collie mix is super athletic but has already had 2 cruciate ligament knee surgeries so the Twistep® protects her joints. I tell everyone who has a large, healthy dog to teach her to use the Twistep® as insurance for her back and legs.www.thedogbible.com

– Tracie Hotchner, author of "The Dog Bible"

I bought the Twistep® and got it on Monday. Took about 10 minutes to get it put together and installed. Quality is good and I tested it (I'm 6'5" and 240 so thought it was a valid test) before trying the dog. The step is basically for my 8.5 year old Rotti to get into the Suburban. We have been using a plastic folding ramp (you can probably guess which one!) and she doesn't like that at all (won't go up without someone guiding her). The first time she tried the Twistep® she was a little tentative but got into the truck with little hassle. The second time she went right up and the third time she just ran to the back of the truck, hit the step and jumped right into the truck. Now she needs no prompting or pushing. The dog thinks it’s a GREAT THING! I do too, great quality, easy and convenient to use and the dog LOVES it. What more could you ask for in ANY product! Thanks for a great product.

– Greg McAllan

I received my Twistep® yesterday and think it’s the greatest thing since dog biscuits. My German Shepherd required NO training and used it correctly the first time. She is a five year old female who has had competed quite successfully in obedience and trained some in agility. I have retired her from all that because of early stages of arthritis in a fetlock joint. I do not want her doing any jumping and it is difficult for me to lift her in and out of the SUV. I did not want one of those cumbersome ramps. Now she will get to go a lot more places with me.

–  Norma Shandone

We love the Twistep®! I bought it for my 5-year-old Golden Retriever who is very healthy and now I know he’ll stay that way. I wanted to make sure his shoulders weren’t jarred every time he jumped out of our Jeep. Also, when he’s tired from a long hike, he can just step right into the car without any effort. With his favorite treats in hand he quickly learned to use the Twistep®. I feel like I have given him one the best gifts I ever could. I had previously bought the “telescoping” ramp (best product on the market at the time), but it took up so much space in the car and was heavy to move around. Thanks for inventing the perfect solution!

– Sandy Smith

The Twistep® provides a great solution to a problem that has bothered me since I put a rocket box on top of my Durango; how to reach the box without kicking and scratching the truck. It also works well as a chair for putting on ski boots, in-line skates and scuba equipment.

– Mike Bayless

I purchased a Twistep® for my Chevy 3500 with a truck camper mounted in the bed. It is an 8-foot truck camper and we plan on using the Twistep® as a step into the truck camper. We never were able to actually see a Twistep®, other than on your Web site, before purchasing it, and was I surprised when I received it. The quality is excellent, assembly was a piece of cake, and for my application, it works better than I could have expected. It’s refreshing to find a quality product these days.

– Mike Staso

We purchased a Twistep® about three weeks ago and LOVE IT!! We have two Leonbergers and just purchased a Suburban, as the dogs no longer fit in my Volvo wagon. Our one puppy, Merlin, 9 months is really big (140 pounds and 31 ½ inches) and I was very concerned about him getting in and out of the back without being hurt.

– Brenda Prince Ford

I wanted to take a brief second to convey my personal thanks to you and your team for your Twistep®product. After dealing with several years of ramps and a host of other gadgets to facilitate our dogs getting in and out of our SUV, we finally hit the mark when we purchased the Twistep®. The product performs exactly as advertised. The ease of use is excellent and our dogs definitely appear much more comfortable with this product than any of the previous ones we have used. Again, I thank you, my wife thanks you and both “P.J.” & “Matilda”, our Newfoundlands thank you.

– Mike Molinsky

Twistep® is an ideal fit for my active lifestyle. I am an avid downhill skier, mountain climber and scuba diver—and it has always been a hassle loading and unloading gear, as well as putting my gear on and off. The step allows me to do all of this hassle-free. Additionally, it fits neatly on the hitch of my Durango and stores securely underneath the vehicle. This is a remarkable and extremely useful product.

– Scott Roberts

This product is a wonderful product.” Being pregnant, it wasn’t possible for me to lift our 60-pound German Shepherd Greta into the SUV after her hip surgery. Our vet recommended the Twistep®… and it has made all the difference. Now I can take Greta with me anytime with no hassles.

– Kathy Sayles

We talked on the phone a while back, and I ordered and have now installed Model 410 on my 1993 Jeep Cherokee. I’m very pleased with it. One of my German Shepherds had a total hip replacement 3 months ago, and we’re looking for every possible way to avoid damage to his new hip. Now I’d like to get a Twistep® for my 1996 Ford Club Wagon…

– Dani Weinberg

My dog, Dakota, mastered it the first day and is now used to it. I feel so much better about him riding with me now just knowing that it is easier for him to get in and out of the 4-Runner.

– Martha Dunn