Twistep for SUV's Extension Bracket
Twistep for SUV's Extension Bracket
Twistep for SUV's Extension Bracket

Twistep for SUV's Extension Bracket

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Twistep for SUV's Extension Bracket - Item #3053

The TWISTEP Extension Bracket provides clearance for the spare tire and is required for the following vehicles:

2006 - Current Cadillac Escalade
2006 - Current Chevrolet Tahoe
2006 - Current GMC Yukon
2006 - Current Nissan Pathfinder
2014 - Current Jeep Grand Cherokee
2018 - Current Ford Expedition


Customer Reviews

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Lisa Rammell
GREAT! ...but

I have had this product for many years. I had big old dogs that struggled to get in and out of my Expedition. It works just like its supposed to and now I've transferred it to my truck so that I can get in and out of the camper without falling on my face. When I moved it I noticed that the metal underneath is rusting and flaking, so is the part that slides into the hitch. This is disappointing but the biggest issue is that within a year of having it the easy twist was more like a wrestling match because the mechanism rusts and is almost impossible to move. Yes we've lubed it. I'd still buy it but know that it does rust, if you live in a place with salt road during winter you better take it off for the season.

Nancy Martin

I was driving a Navigator and had the twisted on it. I show dogs and its perfect for them to jump on to load up. Now I drive a 2022 Tahoe. I panicked when we went to put it on. Would not fit because of the full size tire underneath. Called the company and two days later my extender arrived. Thank you for the perfect service and making the extender. Love it.

It’s nice, but needs to be longer

It’s nice and works, but doesn’t clear my spare tire that is mounted (stock) under the back of my vehicle. I wish it was just a little longer. I am not strong enough to twist the step out, it rubs the spare tire. I have to get my husband to twist it out and back in for me. This could be an issue, if he is ever not around to help.

Scott Reinstetle
Not sure

Still on the fence about this product. Yes it seems to work just fine for my overweight dog. However the grease that helps the twiststep to turn has almost but all been removed. I have been using the 3 in 1 oil as recommended by manufacturer but still seems to be not as free as it was a month ago when it was installed. 3 stars because I don’t think this product is going to last for longevity.

Joseph DeVecchio
Gave me the distance I needed.

My twist step would not function because it was hitting the spare tire. Once I added the extension bracket it worked great.